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He's gone into hiding. You should go ahead and do it, just like you said you would. I think Dina knows why. The new model will retail for 30,000 yen. They looked away. Who does this guitar belong to? This medicine will cure you of your stomach-ache. He tried in vain to lift up the stone. I guess this wasn't easy for you.

Cats have pointed ears. Do you mean all this was for nothing? Thank you for remembering my birthday. They should wash their feces. Nobody will force you to do that. We have it on order and it should be in next week.

The French and the English like drinking, but the latter prefer beer whereas the former go in for red wine. We got to the top of Osaka Tower. Read, every day, something no one else is reading. Think, every day, something no one else is thinking. Do, every day, something no one else would be silly enough to do. It is bad for the mind to be always part of unanimity. It is said that he was very rich. They were shocked. We were together. She lives like a princess.

Everyone is scared. She is very much like her mother.

I don't remember a thing.

She is good at playing the guitar. Three species of rhinoceros are critically endangered. There are some children playing in the park. She died yesterday afternoon. I'm not an expert of psychology. Please drop in at my house on your way home. Do you have a vacancy? Rescheduling the appointment won't be a problem. He's a man who doesn't make mistakes. He expressed it in the form of fiction.

The boat was swallowed up in the fog. Let me treat you next time, then. He was careful not to disrupt the meeting.

Mr. Smith always begins his lectures with a joke. Keren had to stay in the hospital for three months. They're going to shoot you. Today my wife and I are celebrating our twentieth wedding anniversary. Jamar needs to go home. It froze hard last night.

"123456" is a frequently-used password. The electricity has been off since this morning. That was my second guess. I am going to take a shower first, since I went running last night and didn't take one afterward. You don't really love me. This is a great opportunity to increase our market share. The United States has close ties to Mexico. Do you agree with us?

Both Lorie and Val live in Boston. Wendi said he'd look at it.

Why didn't you just take it up with me? Who are you to tell us we can't go? Some early religion's leaders were persecuted by their enemies. Terrell is the closest friend I've ever had. Is this tea set complete? He has no house in which to live. I read a book last night. Do you remember what you told me? Why do you always seem to want to argue? Japanese people tend to think that way.

Now I wish I was dead. I am acquainted with the chairman of that club.

I was hoping you could talk to Felisha.

In the 19th century, the number of immigrants swelled rapidly. Since my husband became sick he's lost as much as 20 kilograms and his pants are now baggy. I got through with my dignity intact. This watch is less expensive than that one. The car hit a tree. I don't know when the exam is. It may be tomorrow. Lanita banged his knees on the glass coffee table. We're having difficulty finding someone who'll lend us the money we need. Ginny opened up the bag with a knife. You're late to the party.

I have to lose some weight. I hate the way the water tastes here. Treat her with respect. It's not hard to understand. Do you need a little help? I'm really looking forward to tomorrow.

I would like to consider the implications we can draw from the application of Emmet's theory to chemistry. How much time per week do you spend reading materials of your own choice?

This is the opposite side of the box.